Name changes to your account will only be processed for the following reasons and requires supporting documentation indicating the reason for the change:

  • Legal Name Change – Submit a copy of the court order showing the name change and a copy of your new driver's license

  • Marriage – Submit a copy of your marriage certificate and a copy of your new driver's license

  • Divorce – Submit a copy of the divorce decree and a copy of your new driver's license

Documentation can be submitted using any of the following methods:

Email:  [email protected]

Fax:     (877) 821-4730

Mail:   Westlake Financial

            Attn: Customer Service

            PO Box 76809

            Los Angeles, CA 90076-0809

Please allow up to 7 business days to process your request.

A payment due date change alters the contractual payment date to better suit your income and budget schedule. A one-time contractual due date change is available for your convenience, as long as the following qualifications have been met:

  • A maximum of one due date change during the term of the contract

  • At least one full payment must be posted to your account

  • A due date change must bring the account current or no more than 5 days delinquent to allow for processing time

  • The new payment due date cannot be more than 15 days forward from the original due date

An extension arrangement is available to customers experiencing temporary, financial hardship to defer one or more installment payments to the end of the contract term.

When a payment is deferred to the end of the contract, the scheduled contract maturity date, or final payment date, will be extended by each installment that was deferred and may result in the assessment of additional interest.

Please contact customer service at (888) 739-9192 to see if you qualify.

During the claims process, it is important that the loan holder continue to make monthly payments and keep the account current.

Submitting a claim:

Use the online Submit Insurance Claim form to notify Westlake Financial of your accident.

After a claim is submitted:

If your car is considered a Total Loss, then the insurance company will issue Westlake Financial the settlement check, and it will be posted to your account. The title will be released to the insurance company within 20 days of receiving payment. If there is a credit on the account after the payment is posted, a check will be mailed to you.

A GAP Claim will be processed if applicable. In the event that your vehicle is determined a Total Loss by the insurance company, Westlake does not allow owner retention.

If your car is Repairable, you need to mail the check to Westlake Financial. When you receive the check from the insurance company, you need to mail the endorsed check and body shop information to Westlake. The check will be released to the repair facility once the repairs are 90% completed.

Mail insurance check and information to:

  • Westlake Financial
  • Attn: Insurance Claims Department
  • P.O. Box 847476
  • Los Angeles, CA 90084

If you have any questions, please call Westlake Financial (888) 739-9192.

If applicable, payments are applied to account balances in the following order:

Fees, Interest, Principal, Expenses, Late Charges, Insufficient Fund Fees, Insurance, and Deferred Expenses.

Click this link to view the available types of Payment Options.

You can view your payoff information by clicking on Account Overview and then Payoff Information in MyAccount.
Payoffs can be submitted using any of the following methods:

  • MoneyGram (Processing Fee: $9.95)
  • You may call (800) MONEYGRAM or visit to obtain the nearest location. You will need the following information:
  • Company: Westlake Financial
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Code: 2603
  • Phone payments (Processing Fee: $5.00)¹
  • You may pay over the phone with a live representative using your Checking/Savings account, Debit, or ATM card. If you'd like to make a payment, please call (888) 739-9192.
  • ¹ Please note that processing fee is not assessed in some states.
  • Mail
  • Please make checks/money orders payable to Westlake Financial. To have the title mailed to anyone other than the primary account holder, please provide written authorization, including an address where the title should be mailed.

    Please include your billing payment slip, or your Westlake account number on the authorization.
  • Please allow 7 business days for delivery if using standard mail.
    • Regular mail
    • Westlake Financial
    • P.O. Box 843082
    • Los Angeles, CA 90084-3082
    • Overnight mail
    • Westlake Financial
    • ATTN: LBX # 73082
    • 3440 Flair Drive
    • El Monte, CA 91731

If you want to authorize us to speak with someone about your account who did not sign the original contract, you must make that request in writing.

Authorization can be submitted using any of the following methods:

Email:  [email protected]

Fax:     (877) 821-4730

Mail:   Westlake Financial

            Attn: Customer Service

            PO Box 76809

            Los Angeles, CA 90076-0809

Please allow up to 7 business days to process your request.

Contact Westlake Financial at (888) 739-9192 for assistance if:

  • You paid off your vehicle more than 10 business days ago and have not received your title or lien release

If you misplaced your title or lien release and would like to request a duplicate, please call (888) 739-9192.

If you have moved states and would like your title updated, or if you would like to remove a party from your title click here for more Information.

Please be aware that there is a fee associated with these requests

Title Releases for electronic titles in the state of FL or OH

Customers that have an electronic title in the state of FL and OH will call Westlake to ask why they did not receive a paper title after payoff. These states default to maintaining the customer's title in electronic format in order to decrease the chances of a lost paper title, which could result in high duplicate title fees. In order to benefit the customer, these states have opted to retain the title in its original electronic format even after payoff. Should the customer choose to print the title, they will need to request this from their corresponding state and may be subject to a transaction fee.


The Division of Motorist Services has implemented an electronic lien and titling system (e-title) designed to assist lienholders as well as vehicle owners.

Electronically maintaining the title to your vehicle eliminates the risk of losing it and having to pay title fees to obtain a duplicate. It is also an effective fraud deterrent because potential thieves will not have access to your title.

If the lien on your vehicle has been satisfied and the title is electronically maintained, the Department is encouraging owners to maintain their titles electronically. Customers may still request that a paper title be printed at any time. Titles are mailed to the address reflected on the owner's motor vehicle record and are generally mailed within two (2) days of receipt of the request. To request a paper title, you may use the Division of Motorist Services website provided below to submit your request. If you wish to obtain a paper title immediately, many tax collector offices offer same day title printing for $10.00.

You do not need to request a paper title prior to trading your vehicle with a Florida dealership. If you are a dealer or lienholder, click here for E-Title frequently asked questions and common scenarios.

If you are selling your vehicle, rather than trading it with a Florida dealership, you will need to request a paper title be printed in order to transfer ownership to the purchaser.

To submit your request via the department's secure website, click here


The Ohio Department of Public Safety Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) implemented the Electronic lien and title program (ELT) in 2003.

The ELT program enabled the Ohio BMV and participating lenders to exchange vehicle and lien information electronically very quickly and cost efficiently. The BMV provides lienholders with electronic information regarding newly issued or updated titles as well as allowing lenders to release their interests/liens on said vehicles via an electronic message. This exchange reduced most delays involved in vehicle titling as well as lowering costs associated with processing, mailing, handling paper titles.

Current customers retaining an electronic title in the state of Ohio can proceed to perform most transactions, such as selling their vehicle to dealer or renewing their registration, while keeping their title electronic. Most dealers will ask their customer to sign a BMV 3774 form ("Application(s) for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle") to complete this transfer on their behalf.

In the event a transfer of ownership between private parties takes place (selling your vehicle to another individual), you will need to take a lien release statement, which will be sent to you by your lender upon payoff, to your county Title Office for a replacement title.

For additional questions regarding the electronic titling program in Ohio, please visit the BMV's Frequently Asked Questions web page here